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Gas Leak Causes Evacuations At Westmoreland And Bromley

According to a report by NBC12, a gas line ruptured this afternoon around 2:30 p.m. near the corner of Westmoreland Street and Bromley Lane; approximately 15 homes were evacuated, and gas was shut off while the Department of Public Utilities worked to fix the leak. Residents have since been allowed to return to their houses.

Neighborhood Stormwater Meetings

North Richmond News has the info regarding Richmond’s Department of Public Utilities upcoming community meetings. These meetings will discuss efforts to establish a Stormwater Utility Program to prevent neighborhood flooding in the future. More info via the city’s press release. The meeting for our area will be held Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2007, from 7:00 until […]

Water Restriction Info Update

The ever-continuing water shortage issue has launched into overdrive with the latest restriction updates, courtesy of the Times-Dispatch.

Richmond Greens Challenge Mayor’s Water Rates

During a severe drought, a 28% discount for Richmond residential customers using over 74,800 gallons per month is proposed! Richmond’s minimum water/sewer fees to remain the highest of any city in the United States! A new water/sewer rate structure advocated in a report submitted by Richmond’s Mayor Douglas Wilder would not correct Richmond’s inequitable residential […]

City Plans Changes for Sewer, Water Rates

Richmond is planning to change the sewer and water rates to shift the cost to the highest users and encourage conservation. This obviously affects commercial users such as St. Mary’s Hospital, UR, etc. however it should lower costs for residential users. The city administration is proposing a five-year plan that would take effect July 1 […]