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Reynolds Crossing Walmart approved

Walmart received the green light from the Henrico County Planning Commission this morning to proceed with the new “upscale” location at the corner of Forest and Glenside. The vote was unanimous in favor of the revised plan Walmart submitted. Construction is expected to begin next spring. Richmond Biz Sense

Altria joins the Walmart fight

A company that can get the Landmark Theatre renamed is formidable opposition. According to a recent Times-Dispatch story, current Reynolds Crossing inhabitant Altria has expressed concerns about “the impact on vehicular, truck and pedestrian traffic that may occur from this development” [of proposed Reynolds Crossing Walmart].

Reynolds Crossing Walmart hearing delayed again

The hearing of the proposed Reynolds Crossing Walmart before the Henrico County Planning Commission has been postponed again, possibly until September 26. It had been scheduled for this morning, July 25th, after being moved back from June. The planning commission is considering whether Walmart’s plan of development offers enough screening from the nearby neighborhood, and […]

Reynolds Crossing Walmart proposal comes before Henrico Co Planning Commission July 25

Originally scheduled to be considered by the Henrico County Planning Commission on June 27, Walmart requested its agenda placement be moved to the Commission’s July 25th meeting, as it was still finalizing plan changes for its proposed Reynolds Crossing office park location. (Richmond Times-Dispatch) The plan changes were necessary to meet proffered conditions for the […]

Reynold’s Crossing Development in the News, Again

Since I live next to the Reynold’s Crossing development and can see and hear the construction from my front door, we’ve been covering that project here at NWEN pretty intensely. Finally, 6 weeks later, the Richmond Times-Dispatch decides to cover it! Did they tell us anything new? Not really. I’m not sure why they waited […]

The Lowdown on the Reynolds Crossing Development at 64 and Broad

Three buildings at the Reynolds property at the intersections of Glenside Drive, 64 and West Broad Street in the Near West End are due to be complete in the Spring of 2008. Likely, you’ve noticed these projects already, either on your way up Glenside Drive, or from 64. At Glenside and Forest the Bon Secours […]