About Us

The Near West End News focuses on activities and events at the neighborhood level, and on larger events with direct impact on our community.  We bridge between city life and suburbia – and give you the best of both.

Help us out!

We are not a newspaper or magazine. We are a neighborhood news blog, a grass-roots publication with no staff reporters or editors. We are dependent on readers and contributors for all of our content.

This is a volunteer effort. If you are interested in helping in any capacity, please contact us. We need reporters, photographers, and community contact liaisons. We would especially like to find someone to report on events at the local schools, and would be delighted to hear from representatives of the local civic organizations. This is a chance to share your insights, knowledge, and opinions.

If you or your organization have information, news, or calendar events that should be publicized, please submit them for publication.


We are advertising supported, at least to the degree that we hope to sell enough advertising to pay the costs of running the website. Find out more about advertising on this website.

Who We Are was started in August 2007.   Alison Brown, of is the current editor and publisher.