Baliles challenges Tyler on choice of $316k “green alley”

With November around the corner, First District politics is heating up.

City Council 1st District candidate Jon Baliles spoke out to NBC12 this week about a “green alley” project completed in the Near West End behind St. Christopher’s Road. It was undertaken as a result of citizen complaints about poor drainage in the existing alley, and is one of four such projects in the City that have been completed using storm water fees.

The alley improvement came with a $316,000 price tag, and as Baliles points out, happens to run behind the Council incumbent Bruce Tyler’s home.

Bruce Tyler shared his response to the story and accusation of impropriety in “An Open Letter to 1st District Residents” on He emphasized that City Council has no role in choosing specific projects, and he played no role in lobbying for this particular one, outside of facilitating a meeting between residents and the Department of Public Utilities.