Stop on Red this week

Be especially vigilant to avoid running red lights this week, as Henrico Police step up signal enforcement:

Henrico County Police along with other law enforcement agencies across the nation will be participating in the National Stop on Red Week which begins Sunday, August 5th and ends on Saturday, August 11th.

Each year in the United States, hundreds of people are killed in automobile crashes while thousands of others are injured due to motorists failing to obey the red traffic signals. Motorists should take note that when the light changes to yellow, it means to slow down and prepare to stop, not hurry up and try to get through the signal.

In 2011, Henrico County Police officers issued over 2,300 summonses for drivers failing to obey the traffic signal. Many of these summonses were issued to motorists as a result of automobile crashes throughout the County.

During this year’s “Stop on Red or Stop on Blue” campaign, Henrico officers will be enforcing red light laws at various locations throughout the County for driver’s failing to obey the traffic signals. The goal of the campaign is to promote intersection safety and educate motorists of the inherent dangers of red light running.

Don’t become a crash statistic, but be a role model for other motorists around you. Remember that stopping for the red light could save someone’s life, but could also save your own life.

For more information contact: Lieutenant A.J. Gordon – Henrico Police Traffic Safety Unit – Ph# 328-2573, Ext. 2252 or by email GORDONAJ@HENRICOPOLICE.ORG

Hopefully, Near West End motorists don’t need this reminder to obey the law and drive responsibly!