Willow Lawn to Revert to Outdoor Mall

It looks like the Shops at Willow Lawn are going “outdoors” again. The mall, which was originally an outdoor mall, turned indoor, and will again go outdoor.

NBC12 reports:

The Shops at Willow Lawn houses the Old Navy and about a dozen other stores. Well, most of that building will be torn down and turned into a parking lot. The shops will have to re-locate.

Last spring, when they originally suggested this plan, we covered it, and the community expressed some concern that they’d prefer less parking lot, and more biker-friendly & walker-friendly amenities.    I have no idea if these ideas were incorporated, but I hope so! I look forward to seeing the finished product.

On another note, Willow Lawn’s Santa will appear at “Santa Land” near Ledo Pizza starting November 26th. Plus Saturdays with Santa will feature Santa doing magic tricks — reservations are required. See image above for details and phone numbers.