Richmond School Board Adopts Preschool Consolidation Plan

Last night the Richmond School Board approved plans for a consolidated preschool at Maymont Elementary. Here’s a note from Kim Bridges, the first district Richmond School Board Representative and Chair of the Richmond School Board:

The school board voted last night to merge Maymont and Clark Springs elementary schools and use the Maymont site as a Pre-K center that would bring together 19 preschool classes for 2-4 year olds, serving children previously housed at the Preschool Development Center, Fox, Cary, Munford, and Clark Springs.
The plan also shifts six classes from the development center to Martin Luther King Middle School, which already houses eight preschool classes through Head Start and the Virginia Preschool Initiative; and it moves three early-childhood classes from Ruffin Road Elementary School in South Richmond to Oak Grove-Bellemeade Elementary School, which would send two classes to Blackwell Elementary School.

As the first district representative, I supported the decision because:

  • it will have a positive impact on the Munford learning environment,
  • the benefits of moving outweigh the drawbacks for all of the Head Start, PDC, VPI, and elementary children
  • the proposal improves fiscal efficiency and instructional effectiveness for RPS as a system.

A primary motivation was the benefit to Munford that the space will provide, allowing for an additional kindergarten class that is projected to bring down high kindergarten ratios from this year’s 24-25 to 1 to 21-22 to 1.  It will also provide space for enrichment activities that the school currently does not have.

In all, hundreds of RPS families will move to new school locations in the fall and I will work hard to help with that significant change.  Thank you sincerely to everyone who invested time and provided input on this decision,

Kim Bridges