CultureWorks Meeting on Dec. 10th Recap

On Dec. 10th, I attended a blogger lunch hosted by CultureWorks. It was a pretty free-form meeting, with no set agenda. And honestly not much to report on. But, after receiving a reader comment asking for a report, here it is:

The meeting was attended by Liz Humes, of WRIR, Harry Kollatz, Richmond Magazine,  Ross & Valerie  Catrow, RVANews, Don Harrison, Style Weekly, Brooks Smith, Chair, CultureWorks Board of Directors, and John Bryan and Leslie Huffman from Cultureworks.

Two things we discussed were the Jingle on the James art show at Rocketts Landing that was coming up — John Bryan, director of CultureWorks, was participating with an eye as to how CultureWorks might support events like this in the future. The second thing we discussed was the possibility of a regional arts advocacy group (supported by CultureWorks) that would be made up of members who made a donation to any local arts-oriented organization and how a group like that could have lobbying power to help advocate for other areas that would help support the arts community (ie public transportation for art events, a universal ticketing system, etc.)

There was also mention of a event hosted by the Virginia Commision of the Arts on January 26, 27 & 28 — 2010 Art Works for Virginia. CultureWorks will host the Jan. 26-27 visit by national arts district expert Theresa Cameron, who will be a presenter for a statewide group of arts leaders and will also meet with groups of Richmond stakeholders to discuss an Arts District.  This confernece is for artists, board and staff leaders of Virginia arts organizations, arts educators, and arts advocates.

Of course I’d be interested in hearing feedback from readers if you have any topics you’d like me to bring up at the next meeting. CultureWorks mission in hosting these quarterly luncheons is to be accesible and transparent.  And I’d be more than happy to take  questions from  readers to the next meeting.